Distribution – new module for Foodservice

The module for handling food service and a la carte dining is now fully developed.It is called Distribution.

The first of our customers has already implemented the module, and we look forward to presenting it for even more customers.

To learn more about the module please contact us for more information on phone no. 40 70 24 90 or by mail info@dankost.dk

Import from FoodSam

The new import feature enables you to collect food data from FoodSam directly into Dankost Pro.

New customers will receive this feature with the purchase of Dankost Pro. Existing customers can acquire this feature by updating their application.

To hear more about your options please feel free to contact us.

Close up on programming of Dankost Pro

In many years Dankost and Kraftvaerk have had a close teamwork involving programmering of our programmes and speciel features to our customers.

Today we share an office with Kraftvaerks department in Copenhagen. Addition to this department Kraftvaerk has one in Århus and one in St. Petersburg. Programmer team for Dankost is primerily located in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg may sound far away, but with modern technology the distance is not great. We are in daily contact with the programmers. This way we can adjust and develop the programme and features costumized our costumers needs.

The team of programmer in St. Petersburg