About Kraftvaerk FoodTech

About Dankost

The history goes all the way back to the mid 80’s and the old Levnedsmiddelstyrelsen (Food Authority) in Denmark. In the 90’s the company we active with trading and re packaging of food products but as part of a generation handover in 2008 the software and the employees we placed in a new company – DANKOST APS – the one we know today.

Our software DANKOST PRO is currently running 4th generation.

  • DK2 (presented in 1988)
  • DANKOST 2000 (presented in 1996)
  • DANKOST 3000 (presented in 2001)
  • DANKOST PRO* (presented in 2011)

*Latest release / update in December 2019


The company today

Dankost is a part of the it consultancy company Kraftvaerk Group. Kraftvaerk Group is Danish based and has been active since 2004 and has totally more than 120 employees in offices at Copenhagen (DK), Aarhus (DK), Helsinki (FIN), Stockholm (S) and Saint Petersburg (RUS).

Kraftvaerk is also our technical partner and they maintain our software and develops all custom integrations etc. Kraftvaerk and Dankost have shared office since 2008 and Kraftvaerk has delivered more than 20,000 hours over the years.