DANKOST PRO - catering

Dankost Pro secure a correct cost prices for menus, meals or arrangements. Centralization of maintenance data is possibility for industrial kitchens and mass catering, with benchmarking.

The combination with our web shop makes it possible to conduct orders with this solution. Complete detailed follow-up  and benchmarking with access to a complete order file per supplier. Naturally with multiple distributing sites.

DANKOST PRO makes it possible to generate distribution list and to print orders etc.

The program holds all the classic functions like printing lists of allergens, calculate organic percentages or a comprehensive nutrition declaration.

Please note that we assist mass caters with specialized nutritional demands and documentation. For example elite athletic competitors, the army and so on.

Services provided for catering

Implementation: Generally, we offer three types of implementation of our software:

  1. General training in functions and modules
  2. General training and partly implemented data (ex. articles and nutrition data)
  3. Complete ready to roll system incl. ex. 2 months with menus, ordering lists etc. and of course the general training

Service subscription and hotline: Our service and hotline subscription gives access to unlimited hotline from phone and email. We have at least one full time consultant ready to answer phone calls and email regarding the use of our software. The service subscription gives access to ongoing updates. Typically one or two per year. The service is offered at a fixed price.

Training: To make sure that our software is implemented with success we always provide a high quality training. The length of the program depends on the size and modules of the solution. Typically we recommend 4-6 days held as 2+2 or 2+3+1 or similar.

Optimization: Besides generally and ongoing training we provide help in terms of optimize the kitchen. The concept itself is our of course entirely up to your organization by we have a very good knowledge about how to optimize processes, make full use of the software and of course knowledge about concepts and the cost effective ones and the more best service and politic concepts.

Reports: DANKOST PRO comes with a variety of standard reports, which can be copied and reused. There are full access to make own reports or we will be happy to assist. Furthermore, we are able to make complexed reports with ex. calculated fields.