Software for the food sector

In the Nordic countries more then 100 food producers use our software.

Our software Dankost Pro is used by more then 100 food producers in the Nordic countries. The solution handles ingredients and advanced recipes, generating nutrition declarations in several languages, integrating with GS1 and much more.

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Typical areas of use are :

 Our regular DANKOST PRO software includes the following configured modules:

  • Base module – establish supplier index, information about ingredients including price, nutrients, pictures and documentation. The module can be delivered with you current ingredient index and set up by commencement.
  • Recipe module – all recipes correlate with the components index also pictures. Real time – calculation shows nutrition value.
  • Calculation module – same functions as the recipe module additionally possibilities for cost calculation concerning ingredients, sales prices, unit contribution margin and more. This is where the product development happens
  • Declaration module – generate declarations in Recipes and Calculation modules in descending scale with QUID. Highlights additives and allergens on the declaration. Possibilities to produce labels and product specifications for 6 self-chosen languages. This simplify export of you products.
  • Nutrient module – calculation all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids  



We are represented in the following sectors:

  • Fish (fresh, frozen, conserves)
  • Catering
  • Agricultural (barley, sheep, eggs and more)
  • Confectioner, bakery
  • Chocolate and candy industry
  • Special products (organic, protein enriched, gluten free
  • Café, sandwich
  • Fruit business
  • Breweries
  • Salat
  • Spice
  • Soup
  • Liverpate
  • Meat (preparation, packing, slaughter houses)
  • Dairy and ice cream

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Service provided for the food sector

Hotline and service agreement: We offer consulting and sparing for generating nutrition values – or we can do it for you from scratch in your database based on your needs and demands.

Printing: With our design module, an unlimited amount of labels, data sheets, private labels and more can be created. We have a deep knowledge making this type of reports, for instance regarding EU-legislation.

Traning: During the implementation of our software an extensive training for the staff are carried out. The extend of the sessions depend on the size of the solution but usually takes 1-3 days for a complete system.