In 2019 Dankost continues to develop under the name Kraftvaerk FoodTech

As part of a development journey in the new year, Dankost changes the name to Kraftvaerk FoodTech (as of December 1, 2018).
"We change name from Dankost to Kraftvaerk FoodTech for two primary reasons. We are anchoring the partnership with the Kraftvaerk Group, which Kraftvaerk FoodTech is a part of. Secondly, with the name change, we are able to market Dankost as one product on a par with other products. And it is necessary when they are already in the pipeline, "says Kraftvaerk FoodTech Director Rostislav Semenov, explaining:
"Our software program Dankost Pro has supported the needs of the food industry since 2011 and is today used by more than 200 food producers in the Nordic region. We know what's going on and what's needed in the canteen, in the big kitchens, in hotels, hospitals and in the food industry. Now we will turn that knowledge into new services, services that benefit citizens, users and patients. As the biggest one, you should dare to take the lead and invest in exploiting the digital potential. "
As a start of an ambitious year, Dankost has employed an expert in food applications that will boost the development of value-creating products. Jonas Thure Maltesen is the Co-Founder behind the Hospital Food App, and has been added to the company to ensure Kraftvaerk FoodTech has a leading position in the FoodTech industry.
"The best solutions have not yet been invented. There is a great potential for development, that I am looking forward to uncovering and embarking on to create real value with the rest of the team of highly experienced and competent employees, "said Jonas Thure Maltesen, who started in Dankost on December 1, 2018 .
The trend in the food industry is the use of more and more advanced technology including food applications and solid software solutions. There is massive demand for partnerships with providers like Kraftvaerk FoodTech, which develops solutions that provide greater security, better efficiency and less administrative costs.